Thursday, March 5, 2009

Photos from Wednesday's meetings

Clifford Jones, Sr., USA, gives the meditation during morning worship

Toma Magda, president of the European Baptist Federation, leads in prayer

Sandra Wagner, Germany, read scripture during morning worship

Warren Stewart, USA, leads in worship

Those gathered for worship before the start of the day's Executive Committee meeting

Eron Henry, Associate Director of Communications, gives the Communications report

Emmett Dunn, Director of the Youth Department, shares about the work of the department

Emmett Dunn presents a plaque to Regina Claas, General Secretary of the Union of Evangelical Free Churches in Germany, and Christoph Haus, Chair of the Local Arrangements Committee, in appreciation of their efforts in hosting the 15th Baptist Youth World Conference held in Leipzig, Germany, last year

Forestal Lawton, President of the Men's Department, presents the department's report

Kathe Traynham, Associate Director of Promotion and Development, reports on the work of the division

Ellen Teague, Director of Finance and Administration, and Clem Gimbert, member of the Budget and Finance Committee, present the BWA financial report

Raul Scialabba, Chair, gives the report of the Officers Search Committee

Joanne Hendricks, BWA Accounting Services Manager, is honored upon her retirement

David Goatley, President of the North American Baptist Fellowship, shares about the deliberations regarding the relationship between the BWA and the Regions

Keith Jones, Chair, presents the report and recommendation of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee

John Upton, Chair, shares about the work of the Congress Program Committee in planning for the 20th Baptist World Congress to be held in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 2010

John Sunquist, Chair of the Personnel Committee, presents Raimundo Barreto as the Personnel Committee's recommendation for the position of BWA Director of the Division of Freedom and Justice

Alberto Prokopchuk, General Secretary of the Union of Baptists in Latin America, presents his region's report

Peter Pinder, General Secretary of the Caribbean Baptist Fellowship, presents the report for the Caribbean region

Wood-Ping Chu, President of the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation, presents the report for the Asia Pacific region

Bonny Resu, General Secretary of the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation, presents the report for the Asia Pacific region

Richard Ice and Leo Thorne

Daniel Carro and Christoph Haus

Peter Pinder, Tony Cupit, and Ronald Bobo

Minnie Jackson, Linda Falimy, and Mirko Kormannshaus

Portia Tyler-Lloyd, Forestal Lawton, and Terri Page